Amtico and Karndean Designer Flooring in Oxfordshire

The Carpet & Flooring Company in Banbury Oxfordshire, near Oxford, specialises in designer flooring. We are approved suppliers of the latest vinyl and rubber products from major brand leaders and our products range include Amtico and Karndean, Marmoleum and Dalsouple flooring. We also provide Amtico Flooring to other localities such as Bicester, Brackley and Woodstock.

When property owners in Oxfordshire are looking for a durable, hardwearing finish that never compromises on style or quality, our designer flooring products make the perfect choice within any domestic or commercial property.

Amtico Flooring

Manufactured using compounded plasticisers and stabilizers to form a resin, Amtico flooring is compressed at high temperatures to produce a thin designer product that is amazingly durable. Designed to replicate traditional wood flooring planks or natural stone, the finish is achieved by placing customised films between protective layers.

Homeowners in Oxfordshire have the reassurance of purchasing an ultra-tough product with a urethane coating. Amtico flooring can be mixed and matched because all tiles are made to an equal thickness. This opens up a whole world of design possibilities that put you firmly in control.

Karndean Flooring

Partially manufactured from recycled PVC and compressed with stabilisers, Karndean flooring has a textured surface that provides natural effects inside the homes of customers in the Oxfordshire area. A combination of iconic effects can be achieved including wood, natural stone, mosaic, pebble and metallic styles.

With such a wide range of textures and effects, Karndean flooring can be used to create just about any type of finish. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications because it is also highly durable and practical. Our carpet showroom in Banbury has a selection of displays and samples that customers can view for a clear idea of what can be achieved.

Marmoleum and Dalsouple Flooring

Marmoleum is manufactured using 97% raw and natural materials. This makes it particularly suitable for the conscientious property owner who is seeking a non-toxic and bio-based type of flooring. Marmoleum is anti-microbial, extremely durable and requires very little maintenance. Hundreds of stylish patterns and colours are available.

Dalsouple is rubber designer flooring that can be purchased in attractive colours and textures for domestic or commercial use. It is incredibly tactile, flexible and soft, providing a warm underfoot feeling that is rare in rubber flooring products. Reassuringly, all products that we supply in the Dalsouple range are 100% recyclable.